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I am looking for a general strategy to use Cucumber tests in a Linux environment to test against an Internet Explorer browser. I have seen a similar answer but that does not seem to apply to capybara 1.1.3.

I was hoping to use capybara to avoid using Selenium directly and the subsequent cost (speed, environmental dependencies) of not using headless tests, but it seems that may not be possible. I want to avoid using both capybara and selenium.

A nice compromise may be Ross Patterson's answer to a Selenium based question:

Headless browsers are a bad idea. They get you some testing, but nothing like what a real user will see, and they mask lots of problems that only real browsers encounter. You're infinitely better off using a "headed" browser (i.e., anything but HTMLUnit) on a headless environment (e.g., Windows, or Linux with XVFB).

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Just as a follow up, Capybara 2.0.0 seems to work well with Selenium 2 and its Selenium Standalone Server and IEDriverServer –  David Troyer Nov 20 '12 at 20:38

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