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table person:

type enum('admin','user','random') NULL DEFAULT NULL

When this query is performed, it doesnt return the records that have a type of NULL

select * from person where type != 'admin';
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null cannot be tested for with (in)equality statements. you need to use IS NULL. e.g.

select *
from person
where (type != 'admin') or (type IS NULL)

e.g. null is "contagious"

null > x    -> null
null = x    -> null
null = null -> null
null + 1    -> null
null * 1    -> null

etc... it's basically "unknown". Mixing known and unknown in sql makes the result unknown, always. Hence the special ifnull(), coalesce(), and "if null" tests/functions.

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Thanks! Both answers seem adequate. however, getting the NULL safe operator into the framework I am using would be a little more triky then the OR –  cgmckeever Nov 15 '12 at 20:48

You can use the NULL safe equality operator in MySQL

select *
from person
where not type <=> 'admin'
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