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This post is a follow up on Android 4.0.4 BLE API, BroadCom - Motorola

I have decided to give Motorola ICS R2 API a chance, Because I have seen alot of postes here that it should work with TI BLE chips.

Motorola Bluetooth Low Energy API ICS_R2 - Proper Reconnect


Disconnect Callback in Motorola's ICS Bluetooth Low Energy API

But my main problem is, I cant use the Profile sample - besause it uses som ekstra on the BluetoothDevice object as BluetoothDevice.ACTION_GATT and BluetoothDevice.EXTRA_GATT. What do I miss here ?

Basis how do u connect in the first place ?

I have remembered permissions and so on - and I know I need to use the rigth Uuoid for the Serice on out TI BLE device.

What do I need for to compile the Profile sample ? I

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The answer to this post can be seen in

Android 4.0.4 BLE API, BroadCom - Motorola

Thanks to PeterVanPansen.

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