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Just a simple question that might seems dumb but I'm not a git expert!

Let's say I delete a branch in local and push my delete. The branch will no longer be on my git repository. But what'll happen if then another user try to push a commit to this branch.

Will an error happen or will the branch be created again?

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I wasn't sure, so I tested it out. It probably depends on permissions, but a new branch will be created in the target repository with the HEAD at the other user's latest commit.

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Note that your branch is still in your git repo, and the question "Git: Recover deleted (remote) branch" explain how to find it back.

That also confirm Explosion Pills's answer: pushing a branch with the same name will re-create it on the upstream remote repo side with the new history.
Since the upstream repo doesn't contain that branch (after you pushed the ref :aBranch to delete it), said remote repo will create a new branch with the same name.

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