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I have a log file that keeps changing every couple of seconds. I'm using Windows 7 and would like to follow it. In Linux it would have been simple, just type tailf log.log in a shell. But how do I do this in Windows? Can anyone recommend any programs? Does notepad++ have an option for this sort of thing perhaps?

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Sorry! I didn't know that this was apparently off-topic. Probably should have asked it in superuser. Anyway, on superuser here I also found out that you can use Powershell with Get-Content <filename> -wait, which is handy. –  Ray Nov 27 '12 at 15:12

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Notepad++ can do auto update of files. You can find the setting in Settings -> Preferences... -> MISC -> File Status Auto-Detection. Check all three boxes and the files will be updated on change and scrolled to the bottom. Only problem with this is that the Notepad++ window has to be in focus for it to update.

There is also a Document Monitor plugin for Notepad++ but I have never tried it myself.

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Thank you ellak! That's really helpful. There is a way to do it in Powershell as I found out, but I prefer to keep everything in Notepad++. Thanks again! –  Ray Nov 27 '12 at 15:14

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