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On a weekly basis on before we build our weekly package I run this command to see if there are any unmerged branches. I am mostly looking for branches on the remote/origin

git branch -a --no-merged master

This week, the results that I get are missing branches that I know have been pushed back to the remotes/origin. If another delveloper runs this same command he sees the missing branches from remotes/origin. I also have a second copy of repository on my unix share and that one works fine too.

I noticed a similar problems with

 git branch -r

Based on what I see in the git log my repository is up to date. The branches that are missing are a few weeks old. Is there something else that would keep this from being up to date?

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I assume you've done a git fetch recently? – Magnus Nov 15 '12 at 19:34
Yes.. But I think I found some sort of issue. I had asked the other developer on my team(who did see the commit on a remote branch to merge it) and he had an error spit back that it couldnt find the reference. He re-pushed and all is well. – personalt Nov 15 '12 at 22:24
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This actually turned out to be some issue on how the commit was pushed to the origin. I had original developer try to merge his changes from the remote and though he saw a reference to the remote commit the merge failed. I will chaulk this up to some other git error.

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