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I need to get markers, overlays and etc, that were loaded from KML, but i don't understand how.
Here!topic/umapper/YCfHEWaCxMc is written that i can loop through KMLayer. but i can't!

I loading KML that way:

var nyLayer = new google.maps.KmlLayer("", { suppressInfoWindows: true, map: map });

Then i don't see anyway to find what objects inside. I tried to look in debugger what nyLayer contain inside, but nothing like objects array. Also tried this:

var test = nyLayer[0];

But test is undefined

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You can't access the Placemarks in a KmlLayer other than by using a click listener.

You can access them if you use a third party parser like geoxml3 or geoxml-v3, but then you lose the advantage of the KmlLayer's tile based rendering, so you will see performance degradation for large numbers of objects.

Example which creates a dynamic sidebar using geoxml3

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