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every time I try to install php on windows I get a file called php-5.4.8.tar.bz2 I dont know how to install this kind of file can someone help me?

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3 – SLaks Nov 15 '12 at 18:58
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You're using the wrong file, you're on Windows not Unix!

This should help:

yet, use a wamp server, it's simple and easy to use. enjoy your PHP trip ! :)

In case you're looking for a place to start learning PHP, I highly suggest this simple tutorial:

It's a very straight forward tutorial that'll get you started with PHP in no time!

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If you are new to PHP, then I would suggest you to use WAMP Server. Link below:

Install it, execute it, start working. Real fast and easy. It comes pre-configured with Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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This was the easiest answer, the instructions on are confusing and heck! X_x thanks! – Leon Gaban Feb 21 '13 at 16:41

You have downloaded the installation package for Unix based systems. You want to download the Windows Version. Note that you will also need to download an install Apache with this.

You may find it easier to install a full development package. I recommend WAMP or XAMPP. These contain all the tools you need to get started, including Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

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Compressed archive created by bzip2, a file compression program often found on Unix-based systems; incorporates the Burrows-Wheeler compression algorithm as well as Run-Length Encoding (RLE) for high levels of compression; often used for Linux software package distributions.

Info about .bz2

You can unrar it using winrar

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