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I have written a code in matlab script. I need to finish it up by creating a Function for center.

Here is the sample code i written

while(1)        % infinite loop

im=getdata(obj,1);   %get the image

im1=getdata(obj,1);  % the first time triggering occurs the image is just
                              % noise. Thus the 2nd image is used.
b=rgb2gray(im1);      % convert to grayscale
a=roicolor(b,[100:118]);  %define a region of interest

                  % use disp(c) to see the values, while testing
if (c(2)>190)
fwrite(ser,'r');  % send move right
elseif (c(2)<170 && c(2)>10)
elseif c(2)<170
fwrite(ser,'l'); % stop

now in this center(a) its not a predefined function in matlab, its a user defined one.

The function center(a) that I have used is not an inbuilt function. I would suggest you write a function for center which I can work on

I want you people to help me to create a function in matlab and to call the user defined function, when ever I needed.

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I would suggest that YOU write a function for center and we'll help you get it right. That's the usual orientation of activity here on SO. – High Performance Mark Nov 15 '12 at 19:07
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just create a file called center.m put all your code in there and start the file (at the top) with something like:

function c = center(a);
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please help me by typing and giving – user1827647 Nov 24 '12 at 11:39
what is your question? – Ali Nov 25 '12 at 12:21

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