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I have a many to many relation using mongoose, that looks like this.

TeamSchema = new Schema 
    name : String
    players: [{ type: ObjectId, ref: 'Player' }]

What I want to do is ensure that one Player doesnt appear two times in a Team.

When I do:


If I already added the player before, I see the players id two times on the team doc. Is there some kind of mongo/mongoose flag I can set so that the save method throws an exception, or doesn't add the player. I know I could do the check by hand, but I would prefer a simpler solution.


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Use the $addToSet update operator like so:

Team.update({_id: team._id}, {$addToSet: {players: player}})

Assuming player is the ObjectId of a player, it will only be added to the team's players array if it's not already present.

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