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I have wordpress site on say: http://xyz.com/category-name/

now I changed the category slug to new-category-name

When I paste this in the browser:


it redirects me to


instead of


I already tried

something like:

RewriteRule ^category-name/(.*) http://xyz.com/new-category-name/$1 [R=301,L]

but it does not work... how can this be fixed?

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It looks like the server cached the old .htaccess for a while. Now it started to work as expected.

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Have you heard of the redirection plugin?


One of the most powerful features is it tracks changes in post URL's and creates 301 redirects to the new pages automatically... saved me a ton of work.

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Thanks for answering - I already found what the trouble is: stackoverflow.com/a/13404806/385402 but I could use this plugin in another situation –  Glad To Help Nov 16 '12 at 11:57

Try refreshing the permalink structure going to Settings->Permalinks.

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