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I want to submit a form using ajax. So I am not using the type=submit. I am using a onClick event on a link(<a>) to send the form data using ajax. I also want to take advantage of HTML5 form validation capabilities.
So before sending the data, I used the function .checkValidity to check the validity of the form.
If it returns true then I send the data. But when it return false I want to show user that the form is invalid using HTML5 default notifying scheme. But I don't know how to trigger that.

Is there is any way to show the validation of the form programmatically.

One way to do is trigger the submit event if checkValidity return false. But this will refresh the page. I don't want to change the state of the page.

checkValidity only checks validity and inform the program. It doesn't inform the user interactively.

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We have exactly the same problem and we tried very different things and a lot of them were hacks like pseudo submits and event.preventDefault() approaches. All in all i must say that HTML5 validation is nice in general but really bad in practice because its not possible to display backend validation errors the same way as frontend validation errors.

And only god knows why the HTML5 folks didnt thought about a simple API where we can trigger the validation like this element.triggerValidationMessage('my message');

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