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I have in c-shell some variables referring to file names. Those variables are named like:

$T01aa2 $T12aa2 $T45aa2 etc.

They have in common the "T" and the "aa2".

How can I list these variables in a loop for instance as I would do if they were filenames:

I'd like to do something like:

foreach ii in ($T*aa2) dosomestuff.sh $ii end

Unfortunately, $T*aa2 does not apply for c-shell variable names.

thanks for any help.

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Variable names are very different from file names. There is almost certainly a better way to do whatever it is you're trying to do.

But if you must do it, the best you can do is something with set | grep (or awk or sed or whatever) and maybe eval. Something like this:

set vars=(`set | awk '$1 ~ /^T.*aa2$/ {print $1}'`)
foreach var ( $vars:q ) 
    eval 'dosomestuff "$'"$var"'"'

You may be able to get the values out of the set directly and skip the eval, but it can get tricky if the values may contain spaces.

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Not a big fan of csh but did you try escaping $ signs ? I mean substituting a "$" with "\$" ?

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