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PHP PDO bindValue in LIMIT

I started using PDO yesterday, so I am still getting easily confused with it. I have a class Query:

class Query
    static function GetList($query, $binds = array())
        global $DBH;
        $STH = $DBH->prepare($query);

        return $STH;

and I am calling this with:

$result = Query::GetList("SELECT * FROM translations_missing 
                          ORDER BY translation_missing_id LIMIT ?, ?", 
                          array(0, 10));
while($row = $result->fetch())
    echo 'moo'; 

And I am not getting any results! However, if I remove the parameters and call:

$result = Query::GetList("SELECT * FROM translations_missing 
                          ORDER BY translation_missing_id LIMIT 0, 10");

I get 'moo' printed several times. I am pretty sure I am missing something minor as always, but I just cannot find what is wrong with this.

To get myself confused about this even more if I do it like this:

$result = Query::GetList("SELECT * FROM translations_missing 
                          WHERE en = ?", 

I get 'moo' printed! I am now thinking that I am binding integers in a wrong way, but... Can someone point me out why my binding is not working?

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I don't think you can bind parameters to Limit clauses with PDO. Could be wrong but I think I read that somewhere. –  Will Meldon Nov 15 '12 at 19:25

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It looks like you were right about the integer binding thing.

See: PHP PDO bindValue in LIMIT

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The close this project is to its end, the closer is my dream to leave php forever :/ –  Andrius Naruševičius Nov 15 '12 at 19:46

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