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Maybe someone has chromium build experience and can help further:

Dynamic module loading with chromium sqlite seems to be not possible.

Imagine you want to load the spatialite sqlite extension via javascript.

What I did:

    db = window.openDatabase("test.sqlite", 1, "test.sqlite", 10000000);  
    db.transaction(function(tx, myArray) {
     tx.executeSql("select load_extension('/home/user/tmp/');", [], function(tx, result) {
        console.log("load_extension spatialite");
      function(tx, err) { console.log(err);}

But that ends in "could not prepare statement (1 not authorized to use function: load_extension)".

However, I fetched chromium-24.0.1290.0-1.39.1.x86_64.rpm and tried to build chromium with load module extension enabled, without success.

What I did:

  • extendend /chromium/src/third_party/sqlite/sqlite.gyp with:

  • extendend /chromium/src/third_party/sqlite/ with:

        ../configure --enable-load-extension=yes

After spending some hours of failing, I made a feature request chromium bug tracker (web database (sqlite) load_extension is not allowed). I guess this feature request will not even be recognized by the developers, due to their workload.

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