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I have two functions:

y = x - x^3and x = y^3 - y I need to plot them both in one plane, I wonder how to achieve this with Mathematica?


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What have you tried? people respond better if you show what you have done so far. –  Caribou Nov 15 '12 at 20:03

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One way is to use ContourPlot

let's Wrap it in Manipulate to make it more easy to adjust


 With[{f1 = y == x - x^3, f2 = x == y^3 - y},
  ContourPlot[{f1, f2}, {x, -lim, lim}, {y, -lim, lim},
   Frame -> True,
   FrameLabel -> {{y, None}, {x, {f1, f2}}},
   ImagePadding -> 30,
   GridLines -> Automatic,
   GridLinesStyle -> Directive[Thickness[.001], LightGray]]

 {{lim, 3, "limit"}, .1, 10, .1, Appearance -> "Labeled"}

enter image description here

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