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I'm hoping this is just a simple pointer to something existing which I couldn't locate via google.

What our business folks want is a button much like the "Open" button which once clicked, gives a pull-down with 3 options. I can't quite figure out how to pull that off.

I can easily add a button. I can even add a stack of 3 "small" buttons vertically. I can't quite figure out the drop-down from large button. One of our folks thought he did this a long time ago, but can't find any evidence to prove it. ;)

Can anyone point me to what I missed? or, anyone confirm that it's not possible?



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Nice question, could we interest you in committing to the Area 51 Tridion specific proposal. Sign up with the same SO account if you have a moment. –  Bart Koopman Dec 10 '12 at 15:12
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Unfortunately that is implemented in a different way than how normal buttons are added to the ribbon. I am basing this on the answers I received here:

Is it possible to remove the "Upload MM Component" button from the SDL Tridion 2011 Ribbon

It seems you will need to create an ASCX to achieve this.

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I recently have been looking into "extensions that require ASCX" and they're not as "scary" as I initially though. Just ignore all the advanced stuff that Microsoft does with them and think of them as "HTML fragments". –  Frank van Puffelen Nov 15 '12 at 20:32
that's sort of what I figured. I've been playing with it a bit here today, trying to study how CreateRibbonPage.ascx is created and registered and I'm no closer to understanding how to really get started. I see in the CME.config where a group is defined and points to /Controls/Toolbars/Tabs/CreateRibbonPage.js I am not seeing how an ascx ties in, or how to "copy paste" the CreateRibbonPage.js to get started on a similar button. are y'all able to give me a little more to go on to get started? thanks. –  Warner Soditus Nov 16 '12 at 16:11
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