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I've got something like this:

jQuery(this_element).replaceWith('<div>' + jQuery(this_element).html() + '</div>');

It works fine but after execution this_element still contains old element (that doesn't exist anymore because it has been replaced with <div>old content</div>). How can I restore selection in that element or at least grab new element to this_element variable?

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Create the new object separately, then keep a reference to that (jQuery 1.4+):

var $B = jQuery('<div/>', { 'html': jQuery(this_element).html() });
this_element = $B;

(This uses the jQuery(html, props) method.)


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Great :) And the answer to the second part of my question is this: var savedSel = rangy.saveSelection(); replace element... rangy.restoreSelection(savedSel); where I'm using Rangy selection library - (works fine even if element has been replaced with another element). – Atadj Nov 15 '12 at 19:56

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