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I am trying to create a thread by passing a function pointer, however at this line

pthread_t start_thread(void *func, thread_data *tdata)

It gives me --

use-hello.c:23: error: invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'void* (*)(void*)    

Any inputs please...

typedef struct thread_data{
int fd;
int threadId;

pthread_t start_thread(void *func, thread_data *tdata)
   pthread_t thread_id;
   int rc;
      printf("In main: creating thread\n");
      rc = pthread_create(&thread_id, NULL, func, tdata);
      if (rc){
         printf("ERROR; return code from pthread_create() is %d\n", rc);

void thread_function1(thread_data *tdata){ 

int main(int argc, char **argv){

/* Our file descriptor */
int fd;
int rc = 0;

printf("%s: entered\n", argv[0]);

/* Open the device */
fd = open("/dev/hello1", O_RDWR);

if ( fd == -1 ) {
    perror("open failed");
    rc = fd;
printf("%s: open: successful, fd=%d\n", argv[0], fd);

//array of function pointers
void (*function[5])(thread_data*);

function[0] = thread_function0;
function[1] = thread_function1;
function[2] = thread_function2; 
function[3] = thread_function3;
function[4] = thread_function4;

//start threads
for(int i=0; i<2; i++){
    thread_data *tdata[i] = (thread_data*)malloc(sizeof(thread_data));
    tdata[i]->threadId = i;
    tdata[i]->fd = fd;
    printf("starting thread = %d\n",start_thread(function[i]), tdata[i]));

while(1) sleep(1); // infinite loop

printf("closing file descriptor..\n");
printf("file descriptor closed..\n");

return 0;

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The third argument of pthread_create must be a void *(*start_routine) (void *), and you try to pass it a void*. A void* can be implicitly converted to a pointer to any object type, but not function pointers. – Daniel Fischer Nov 15 '12 at 20:16

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The problem is your declaration of start_thread, it takes a void* rather than a function pointer.

Change it to:

pthread_t start_thread(void *(*func) (thread_data *), thread_data *tdata);

A typedef for that function pointer type would simplify both that prototype and your array declaration.

typedef void (*thread_func)(thread_data*);
pthread_t start_thread(thread_func func, thread_data *tdata);
thread_func function[5];
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Thanks a lot Mat, Kylo and Daniel. – Sundevil Nov 15 '12 at 20:23

Your function takes func as void*

pthread_t start_thread(void *func, thread_data *tdata)

And then you pass it to pthread_create as 3rd argument which should be void *(*) (void *)

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