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I have a root directory with a number of android eclipse projects inside. They all have .project files, but eclipse does not seem to see them as eclipse projects? Does anyone know the reason why?

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How are you trying to import them into the workspace? List your steps. How did the root folder with eclipse projects get created? Where did they come from? – TheZ Nov 15 '12 at 20:16

Cause for not importing projects in eclipse :

Reason 1 : Project Structure Differs

Reason 2 : Project Configuration files missing or not available

Reason 3 : Project can be already exists in workspace

Reason 4 : Don't have Proper and Standard Naming Convention

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Follow these steps.

Hope you have android sdk and ADT plugin for eclipse.

File-->Import-->Android-->Existing Android code into workspace.

Then import the projects from your root directory using Browse button. If you don't have ADT plugin definitely you never import your android projects.

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You have to import them manually

  • First File > Import

  • Then General > Existing Project Into Workspace

  • Either select root directory or Select archive file, click Browse to locate the directory or file containing the project that you want to import

  • Under Projects select the project that you want to import

  • Finally click finish to import the project

Here is a link to the eclipse help section on this

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