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I have two servers:

Server 1 (Publisher)

Server 2 (Subscriber)

I have a set up a PULL subscription.

What are the correct steps to programmatically remove this entire replication?

I need to know this because I have a custom application that does Replication and in an event of errors, I need to "start fresh" so I need to delete the publication, subscription and any other objects related to it...

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What database are you using? –  Marlin Pierce Nov 15 '12 at 20:38

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The steps are:

  1. Delete the pull subscription
  2. Delete the publication

Here are some links to assist you:

Delete a Pull Subscription

Delete a Publication

Both examples show how to delete the pull subscription and publication using SSMS, T-SQL, and RMO. T-SQL or RMO would be the way to go to do it programmatically. I hope this helps.

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