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I'm new to MonoTouch and need some pointers on how to listen for a simple MouseOver event for a button. The goal is to have a grid of buttons and track the movement while passing over these buttons. Actually it doesn't have to be buttons at all, just something that I can manipulate and display a letter in.

For an example, look at WordRoom for Windows 8/WP7 if you're running windows.

Any pointer would be nice! :)

EDIT: What I have in WP7 is a UserControl using XAML that I draw the rectangles on. I then listen to the ManipulationStarted-event to know when I swipe over it. That's what I would like here to. The result I'm looking for is in this video:


PLEASE NOTE that this is not an attempt to promote the game but to get the basic technical solution for how to do the same in MonoTouch. And yes, I wrote WordRoom so it's not gonna be a rip-of. :)



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If you derive from UIView can overwrite the Methods TouchesBegan, TouchesMoved and TouchesEnded.

Here's an example for TouchesBegan

    public override void TouchesBegan (NSSet touches, UIEvent evt)
        base.TouchesBegan (touches, evt);

        UITouch touch = touches.AnyObject as UITouch;

        if (touch != null && touch.View != this) {
            var rp = touch.LocationInView (touch.View);
            var p = new PointF(touch.View.Frame.X + rp.X, touch.View.Frame.Y + rp.Y);

            // Do your stuff

Another option would to the usage of a GestureRecognizer:

Using UIGestureRecognizer in MonoTouch

Generic Gesture Recognizer

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Thanks! That seems to work great! – Johan Karlsson Nov 16 '12 at 7:45
I guess I have to track TouchesBegan on the parent control since there seem to be no way to track a touch that began outside the control? – Johan Karlsson Nov 16 '12 at 9:20

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