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I'm trying to combine all these three plugins but I|'m having some problems with adding the resizeable() to the dropped items.

I have #container1 with items that can be dropped and cloned into #container2. After being dropped into #container2 the cloned items should be draggable contained to #container2 and be abled to resized. The dragging and dropping works well but when I add the $canvasElement.resizable() the dropped elements get width and height = 0px.

$(function () {

$("#container1 img").draggable({
    helper: 'clone',
    cursor: 'move'

    accept: 'img',
    drop: function (event, ui) {
        var $canvas = $(this);
        if (!ui.draggable.hasClass('canvas-element')) {
            var $canvasElement = ui.draggable.clone();
                containment: '#container2'
                left: (ui.position.left),
                top: (ui.position.top),
                position: 'absolute'


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Take a look at this JQFAQ.com topic, this will help you to combine ui-draggable, droppable and resizable. There are few more sample FAQs too.

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