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I have three tables (many to many relationship): items, items_to_tags, and tags. The items and tags tables have a unique ID column, and the items_to_tags table has columns item_id and tag_id. Is there a way to select all results from the items and tags tables, but with all results merged into the same record?

For instance, if I have this data:

  • items:

    id     name
    1      'item1'
    2      'item2'
  • tags:

    id     name
    1      'tag1'
    2      'tag2'
    3      'tag3'
  • items_to_tags:

    item_id    tag_id
    1          1
    1          2
    1          3
    2          3

The result of the query should be:

item_id   item_name   tags
1         'item1'     'tag1,tag2,tag3'
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You can use the MySQL GROUP_CONCAT():

select i.id,
  group_concat(t.name SEPARATOR ', ') tags
from items i
left join items_to_tags it
  on i.id = it.item_id
left join tags t
  on it.tag_id = t.id
group by i.id, i.name

See SQL Fiddle with Demo


| ID |  NAME |             TAGS |
|  1 | item1 | tag1, tag2, tag3 |
|  2 | item2 |             tag3 |
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This can be accomplished using MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT.

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