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I need some guidance on how to do the following.. Let say I have this string below s= {"name":testName,"age":20}

how should I construct my regular expression in ruby, such that I am able to get "testName" Thank you in advance

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Is this JSON? It looks like JSON but it lacks quotation marks on testName so I'm not sure. – toniedzwiedz Nov 15 '12 at 21:11

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I agree with Jason about using JSON, but if you really can't...

1.9.3p194 > s= '{"name":testName,"age":20}'
 => "{\"name\":testName,\"age\":20}" 
1.9.3p194 > s =~ /"name":(.*?)(,"|})/
 => 1 
1.9.3p194 > puts $1

Note that this is evil and wrong and will probably hurt little kittens... use JSON to save the kittens.

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+1 for the kitten remark :) – Maarten Bodewes Nov 15 '12 at 21:24

The data you have is a JSON string. You should not parse it with a regular expression, but parse it into an object and then access the name property.

I am not a Ruby dev, but you can do so if you have the JSON gem.

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