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In the Class Block:

Instead of making an Object (In this case a simple String) like this:

public String one = "Hello!";

I wanted to do it like this:

String one;
one = "Hello!";

but compiler throws:

error: <identifier> expected

Why? Why the second has to be within a method?

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Is it compile time error or runtime ? If runtime then paste stack trace. – Bhavik Ambani Nov 15 '12 at 21:28
@BhavikAmbani It's compile-time – arshajii Nov 15 '12 at 21:33
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It is more than likely that

one = "Hello!"

is located in the class block. This statement must be appear inside a code block — that is; a method, constructor or static initializer. E.g.:

void myMethod() {
    String one;
    one = "Hello!";

Non declarative statements cannot appear in the class block.

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It looks like this should be in a constructor of some sort... either way, you must place it inside of a method or constructor (or other code block). This is simply one of the rules of the Java syntax.

public String one;

public MyClass() {
    one = "hello";

If you made the field static, you could have

public static String one;

static {
    one = "hello";
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The one = "Hello!"; line needs to be inside a method.

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