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I am attempting to write a batch file for my developers to run that sets up workspaces. The batch file will use Plastic's command line utility, cm.exe.

When I create a workspace in the Plastic client GUI, there is a combo box that allows me to select the repository. This generates a plastic.workspace file, and a plastic.selector file that contains a reference to the selected repository.

However, when I use the command line utlity to make a workspace, I have to specify an existing selector:

cm mkwk MyWorkspace c:\MyWorkspacePath --selector=my.selector

or edit the selector when prompted:

cm mkwk MyWorkspace c:\MyWorkspacePath --selector

Ideally, I would like to be able to do something like

cm mkwk MyWorkspace c:\MyWorkspacePath MyRepository@MyServer:8888

and have the files generated the same way that they are done by the GUI.

Is there a way to do this using cm.exe, or do I have to write all the selectors beforehand?

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Although it's not documented, you can issue the "mkwk" command with the "--repository" parameter. For example:

cm mkwk code c:\code --repository=code@localhost:8087

Hope it helps!

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