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I have written a rake task to import an XML feed into my ActiveRecord model but am running into some trouble - the XML feed will not publish any columns that are empty and this breaks my migration tool. How can I design my importer so it skips over the empty fields?

My importer looks something like this

desc "Import XML Feed into Items Database v20121116" 
task :new_import_items => :environment do

require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'

doc = Nokogiri::XML("#{Rails.root}/lib/tasks/datafeed.xml"))

actions = doc.xpath("/merchantProductFeed/merchant/prod") 

actions.each do |action|

a = Item.where("affiliate_product_id = ?", action.css("pId").text).first

if a != nil


    :brand =>'brandName').text, 
    :description =>'desc').text, 
    :regular_price =>'buynow').text,


Let's say "desc" is not available on the xml feed. I'd like my code to ignore "desc" in that instance.

The error message is useless:

undefined method `text' for nil:NilClass

But it has nothing to do with the text method.

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You can use the try method:

if a != nil
    :brand =>'brandName').try(:text), 
    :description =>'desc').try(:text), 
    :regular_price =>'buynow').try(:text),


The doc says:

If the receiving object is a nil object or NilClass: a NoMethodError exception will not be raised and nil will be returned instead.

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That did the trick! Thanks MrYoshiji, appreciate the quick turnaround. – mytwocentsisworthtwocents Nov 15 '12 at 22:58

I'd look for the text in the Nokogiri query:

if a != nil
    :brand =>'brandName/text()'), 
    :description =>'desc/text()'), 
    :regular_price =>'buynow/text()'),


This will not throw an exception if the element doesn't exist.

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