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In Vim, I often find myself in a situation where I want to complete a filename of a file that I'm editing in a separate buffer.

Suppose I have two buffers open: foo.cpp and bar.h. In foo.cpp I need to #include "bar.h". I want to do something like this:


#include "b<complete filename to bar.h>

According to Vim documentation, I am able to use CTRL+x CTRL+f to do filename completion, but that seems to rely on Vim having a CWD equivalent to bar.h's parent directory. That's not always possible.

Given that I have bar.h open in a separate buffer, is it possible to autocomplete based on buffer name?

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Good idea; restricting the candidates to loaded buffers whittles down the list of candidates, and also allows for a match anywhere in the file path.

To get this, a custom insert-mode completion must be implemented. The file names can be retrieved by iterating bufname() over all buffer numbers from 1 to bufnr('$'). I've just implemented this as the BufNameComplete plugin. I hope that suits your needs (and mine).

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This works great! I've installed the plugin and am using it now. Thanks a bunch! – rustushki Nov 16 '12 at 14:09

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