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Just wondering if anyone knows of a prewritten php script to to transfer files from rackspace cloud site to rackspace cloud files.

Rackspace does provide a script to backup files to the cloud but not transfer. (and I only realized that after spending a couple of hours and finally getting the script working).


I don't know PHP (which is required for Rackspace cron jobs), so if there's a script that would help me with this it would be great.


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Transfer how? Why? Can't you simply transfer them manually? –  Paul Dessert Nov 15 '12 at 22:05
@relentless We've got tens of thousand of files and to download and re-upload would take a couple of days :/ We need to move/copy them over directly from the server to the cloud. –  Rivka Nov 16 '12 at 2:51
Not sure of your question. It looks like you say you did the backup to cloud files, and are wanting to put the backup on a cloud server you have spun up. If so it is just a matter of downloading the backup file from cloud files to the server and extracting it using standard Linux commands. –  The Real Bill Jan 20 '13 at 9:45

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Below is the script I use when I backup to rackspace. It uses the php cloud files master library from racker labs. I set it up as a simple cron. Simply replace the emai

php 'path/to/backup.php'



$server_name = 'YOUR_SERVER_NAME'; //Name of the Current Server
$curr_date_time = date("Y-m-d--H:i:s"); //DON' CHANGE - Date
$curr_day = date("Yd"); //DON' CHANGE - Date
$sites = array("ENTERDATABASES HERE IN ARRAY FORMAT"); //Array of Databases to be Backed up
$site_root = "/var/www/";
$temp_dir = "/bak/mysql/"; //temp directory
$site_temp_dir = "/bak/site/"; //temp directory
$rscfUsername = 'YOUR RACKSPACE USERNAME'; // the username for your rackspace account
$rscfApiKey = 'YOUR RACKSPACE API KEY'; // the api key for your account
$rscfContainer = 'YOUR RACKSPACE CONTAINER'; //rackspace containr
foreach($sites as $site) {


 exec("tar -czpf {$site_temp_dir}{$site}{$curr_date_time}_site.tar.gz {$site_root}{$site}");
 // check if the file is created
 if(file_exists("{$site_temp_dir}{$site}{$curr_date_time}_site.tar.gz")) {

 $auth = new CF_Authentication($rscfUsername, $rscfApiKey);
 $conn = new CF_Connection($auth);

 // I allready created a container with this name otherwise user create_container
 $container = $conn->get_container($rscfContainer);

 // make a unique name with date in it so you know when it was created
 $objectName = $site.$curr_date_time.'.tar.gz';
 $store = $container->create_object($objectName);
 $store->load_from_filename("{$site_temp_dir}{$site}{$curr_date_time}_site.tar.gz"); // send to rackspace


 } catch (Exception $e) {
     print_r($e, true);


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