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I have started a project as a DJ to record my online radio shows to mp3. The station I play on is licenced so I am not breaking any copyright rules there. I have had the idea to upload the recordings onto Youtube.

Clearly that needed some form of adjustment to make a video over the top of the audio which I have achieved using ffmpeg so I have an mp4 file with a picture overlay for the duration of the audio. I did a quick test run to upload the video to Youtube and it tracked that I was playing copyrighted material. It was exactly right in its statement and yes as my own channel on youtube I am not licenced to do so. Either way I have spoke to the copyright owners and they have agreed it is fine.

However in order to not have to do this every week if I overlay a 5 second 'jingle' every 4 minutes over the audio (fading down if possible) the main volume slightly to play the jingle and fade up after (once again if possible) then I am 100% in the clear. I could do this manually but would rather something I can script in bash to do it for me.

I am using Centos 6.3 operating system and FFMPEG solved the merge of video and audio together, but I couldnt find anything to do a predefined audio overlay at specific intervals.

I have looked at programs like Avisynth and Sox but dont believe from the documentation that they have anything that can do regular interval overlays during a single track. The closest thing I could find is on this post :

Add multiple audio files to video at specific points using FFMPEG

But it would be nice to do everything in a single sweep with ffmpeg of the audio file (video and audio overlay) if thats possible somehow or any better options that are out there?

If you need any more info from me then please let me know. Thanks

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Is this jingle for licensing purposes, or getting around YouTube's detection methods? If for YouTube, file a complaint and get this fixed right. You're not the only one being bullied around by YouTube when you have rights to what you are posting. – Brad Nov 15 '12 at 22:15
Is a bit of both really. They are right that there is copyrighted material. When I play live on radio its covered by stations licence, but on my own youtube channel then i dont have a licence. Therefore I understand there reasoning. So my recordings are of lower quality (128k is fine to listen to but not to use as an alternative to purchasing the tune), a single tune is never played to its whole duration as the dj mixes maybe only 40-50% , there is also sometimes an MC speaking. But still just to cover my arse a bit more a 5sec jingle overlay every 3-4mins and I have taken every possible step – user1828008 Nov 16 '12 at 11:48
If you want to "cover your arse", get a license to the content you're posting. Then you won't have to worry about this at all, and can post audio that isn't all messed up. – Brad Nov 16 '12 at 15:12

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