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im having a bit of trouble with this code as it is not working how i intend it. i know regular expressions arent the best way to fo this but i couldnt figure out how to do it with the html parser and beautiful soup isnt an option. heres what im trying to do. i have an html file and i need to extract the value between

<div class="e_mail"> and </div>

when i use the below code however it returns the email address as such:


how can i get the email address without the brackets and quotes? id rather use something cleaner than reg but as i said couldnt figure out the html parser.

s = str(
return re.compile('<div class="e_mail">(.*?)</div>', re.DOTALL).findall(s)
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that worked great. i was trying to do that but was going about it all wrong. i know RE isnt the way to do this but i don't really need anything better. thanks again. – Bobbin Threadbare Nov 15 '12 at 22:36

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return re.compile(expr, re.DOTALL).findall(s)[0]


return re.findall(r'<div class="e_mail">(.*?)</div>', s, re.DOTALL)[0]

Note that if there are no results, you'll get an IndexError because re.findall will simply return an empty list.

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This may work for you:

s = str(
email = re.compile('<div class="e_mail">(.*?)</div>', re.DOTALL).findall(s)
return email[0]

Also make sure it is not an empty list before returning it.

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