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What is the best way to count elements of a particular class within another element?

I have the class of the parent element, but there are other elements with that class. So if for example I have an element that i get to like this:

$(document).on('click', '.countButton', function(){

    var parent = $(this).parents('parentDiv');


How can I put that element into a selector to count it like this:

$('.parentDiv > .childDivs').length;

Is there someway to convert an element into a selector, or something that points to that element? If that makes sense..


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Yes, you can use the parent element as context for the search:

$('.childDivs', parent).length

Which is the same as:

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They're more than the same -- the first is converted into the second. Using find() is more idiomatic and probably faster. children() will be faster yet if you know you are looking for direct descendants. –  Sean Redmond Nov 16 '12 at 4:56

So after var parent = $(this).parents('parentDiv'); you have the element you want and you just want its children with a certain class? If so


For direct descendants or:


To find elements with the 'childDivs' class at any depth with parent

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Could you perhaps use:

document.querySelectorAll('.parentDiv > .childDivs').length?

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