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In rails, I want the user to hit the mailto button and then call the method 'mail' in controller 'home' , how you do that??

Here is my code, it seems doesnt work well...

= mail_to :subject=>boss.subj,    
:body=>"hi boss", :action=>'home#mail'

And is there anyway can make mail_to open a new windows to my mail box?
now when I hit mail_to and then select gmail (firefox ubuntu), then I go straight to gmail... I want it open in new windows... anyway to do it in rails?

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please read exactly. It does not make sens to provide

:action => 'home#mail'

to the mail_to method. This will simply open your default email client and fill in the values for subject, email address and body. If you want to call a action in a controller, you have to do it with link_to. And think about using ActionMailer for this task ...

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