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I have an app I developed on 10.8 and now I am trying to execute the code on 10.7 (as far as I can tell this is an OSX issue). Unfortunately, the following piece of code has stopped working:

dataViewController.dataObject = self.pageData[index];

It is an object in the dataview controller which is loaded with the current page data. This seems to be part of generated code (if I remember correctly). I am not sure how to get around this issue; how would you tackle this problem on the older versions? Sorry for being a little vague... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The bracket syntax you used is a new compiler feature; it interprets array[idx] as the method invocation '[array objectAtIndexedSubscript:idx].

Unfortunately, the method - objectAtIndexedSubscript: itself is only included with newer versions of the SDK, therefore leading to run-time "object does not respond to selector" errors.

To fix, create a category for NSArray (and similarly, for NSDictionary and others), and add the method

- (id)objectAtIndexedSubscript:(NSUInteger)idx {
  return [self objectAtIndex:idx];
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