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I've a problem. obviously.

First of all, sorry for my bad english. Then...

I'm using History.js for pushState and other function of History API in HTML5. But this is not the point.


i've this url, generated with pushState,, that show a lightbox with the picture. When i load more images, with keypress or click, the pushState change the url to the next (or previous) url (ex.

The problem is this: When i refresh the page, the site poin to the real page of, and it's ok, but, when i click on the BACK button i've in history the same url ( for the second time. I think that this happen because when i refresh i create e new history row.

...i dont know how to solve this problem. Please, help :)

Problem Solved

i've writing the pushState function outside of the if that determinate what key the user have pressed. So, when cntrl+r was pressed for refresh, another row was added to the history. xD

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