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I have a Microsoft Word 2010 Template file with several FormFields on it. There are three at the top for Project Name, Project Location, and Project Number. I intend to intercept the FileSave built-in macro and concatenate the values of the three fields mentioned above to suggest a file name in the save-as dialog. My code consists of:

Sub FileSave()

    With Dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs)
        .Name = ThisDocument.FormFields("ProjectNumber").Result & _
                ThisDocument.FormFields("ProjectName").Result & _
    End With

End Sub

When I fill out the three fields and press ctrl+s, the save-as dialog indeed appears, but the filename is blank. Upon further investigation in the Immediate window, I can refer to these fields, but their Result property always return an empty string. Thus the filename in the dialog appears blank. I can refer to the boolean properties, the Type property, etc. and display that in a MsgBox via the Immediate window, I just can't get it to return anything for Result. Does anyone have an idea of why this might be?

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So it looks like the answer to this question ended up being this: I was still working inside a template document, and not a macro-enabled document. For templates, during a macro's run-time, the fields on the document do not contain values. In order for macros to be able to use values entered into FormFields, it has to be a document and not a template. Hope this helps anyone in search of this question being answered.

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