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I need to uniquely identify mobile devices on my rails app without user registration.

They will be using a mobile app with an embedded with the default url hardcoded into the app. I'm thinking of doing

domain.com?uniqueid=[UniqueDeviceIdentifier usingLocalMethods]

and saving that in the session cookie so as the user loads subsequent pages through links from the index I can track that unique id.

Is there a much better way of handling this?

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I don't know anything about your app, but a couple of things come to mind...

  • If you can send it as a HTTP header, that would hide it from the user, assuming it's going to launch their phone's browser.

  • Don't send them to the root of your site. Send them to say domain.com/mobile-launcher?uniqueid=.... This way you've got a dedicated place to handle your logic and can redirect them to the homepage.

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Solid tips. Will try HTTP header tomorrow and see how it works. –  quantumpotato Nov 16 '12 at 5:04
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