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I'm trying to handle the content of a bunch of divs with jQuery. It works perfectly except for the fact that when the HTML is placed inside a visible div it won't render elements like <h3> or <br> as HTML, they just end up being displayed as code. Any thoughts? I've tried messing around with Rails' h(this) or this.html_safe, neither of which seem to work.

This code makes the hidden 'storage' divs:

<div style="display: none;"><%= content_tag(:div, r.body.html_safe, :id => 'page'+i.to_s+'_hidden_article'+r.issue_id.to_s) %></div>

This code displays one of the above to the user:

<%= content_tag(:div, "", :id => "document_article#{i}_body", :class => "thumbnail") %>

And this is the jQuery that manages it the exchanges:

$('#doc_article1').change(function() {
  var src = $(this).val();
  var b = $('#page1_hidden_article'+src).text();

Any help would be excellent.


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Replace text() with html() may help you solve this problem.

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That was so simple! Ha. Thank-you. – CD-RUM Nov 16 '12 at 0:06

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