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Hi I'm trying to create a gallery using JavaScript. I want to have a row of small images at the bottom and when you click on one it will display that image in a bigger window above. and that window currently contains and image.

New to JavaScript so not 100% sure what I'm doing. here is what I was trying to use but wasn't working. Any tips would be great thanks.:

function changeimage(val)
    var x = val.getAttribute("src");
    var y = getElementById("Display");
    var z = y.getAttribute("src");

<img class="mid_one" src="Images/home3.jpg" alt="home1" width="186px" height="186px" onclick="changeimage(this)"/>

Thanks in advance.

<img name="Display" id="Display" src="Images/home2.jpg" width="450" height="450" alt="Displayed Image"/>

edit: added display

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Where and what is your element with the id "Display"? – Christian Lundahl Nov 16 '12 at 0:16
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You should set the attribute on the element (y), you can't set an attribute on an attribute value (z).

Also, you should use the variable x to get the source from the other image, not the string "x".

var x = val.getAttribute("src");
var y = document.getElementById("Display");
y.setAttribute("src", x);
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Doesn't seem to be working, not sure why ;/ – Mikey Nov 16 '12 at 0:08
@Mikey: Sorry, it should of course be document.getElementById. Demo: – Guffa Nov 16 '12 at 0:42
Super star :) thank you very much :) – Mikey Nov 16 '12 at 0:48

Try this

function changeimage(val)
    var x = val.getAttribute("src");
    var y = getElementById("Display");

According to your logic var z = y.getAttribute("src"); is a string and not an Element .. In the next line you seem to set the attribute to the string ..

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