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Is it possible to call a web service from within Flash (using AS3)? Or is the best idea to put the flash movieclip in a Flex container and use the Flex Libraries?

To be clear, when I say within Flash, I mean within the Flash CS4, AS3 programming environment.

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Just to let you know, a Flex application is a Flash application. Flex is just a specific set of libraries and a compiler to turn MXML and AS3 code into a SWF file. – Michael Todd Aug 27 '09 at 13:03
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It's perfectly possible to call a JSON-returning RESTful URL from your Flash application. I do it all the time :-)

Just format a standard request using any of the RPC mechanisms (UrlLoader, HttpService) and decode the returned JSON text using the JSON serializer in as3corelib.

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Sorry Vinay - maybe not clear... I meant from within a flash application. Maybe there's a way of including the relvatn flex libraries? – dan Aug 27 '09 at 12:58
Actually, I'm 99% sure he meant Flash; I've done it from a Flash application, too, and the method is the same as a Flex application. – Michael Todd Aug 27 '09 at 13:02
You can use HTTPService and as3corelib together in flash to do this. URLLoader would work in place of HTTPService if you want too – Sean Clark Hess Aug 27 '09 at 21:22
How would you access HTTPService from the Flash environment - isn't this a Flex Library? – dan Sep 3 '09 at 13:00

You could try as3httpclientlib and as3corelib has JSON serialization.

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