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When cookies are created purely client-side in javascript by setting document.cookie(), what effect does the "secure" attribute have on them?

In particular:

  • are client-created cookies sent to the server in the "Cookie:" header of subsequent requests?

  • can client-created be modified by subsequent Set-Cookie headers from the server?

  • in the case of the previous two questions, assuming the answer is yes, does the secure attribute prevent this if the connection with the server isn't HTTPS?

  • if a page not loaded over HTTPS contains javascript that tries to create cookies with the secure attribute, will the cookies even be allowed to be created?

  • do the major browsers handle all this consistently?

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  1. Yes, JavaScript-set cookies (set via document.cookie=) are sent to the server in the Cookie request header.
  2. Yes, client-set cookies can be overwritten by server-delivered Set-Cookie headers.
  3. Yes, it should.
  4. It should not.
  5. As far as I know, yes, but it should be easy to test.
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