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Have been researching all day and so far not found an acceptable answer and my experimenting with code has yielded nothing.

I've got a database with a particular 2 columns "StartDate" and "LastBackupDate" which seem to be storing their date information as a Julian date (eg. 40953.6017873071). I need to convert this to a standard Gregorian Date (MM-DD-YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY).

I'm pulling back all results from this table at current "Select * FROM xxxxxx WHERE blah blah".

I'm able to convert these dates in no time with Excel, if I export the data to a sheet, but when I pull the data with Convert, I'm unable to get the date converted.

This is part of a SQL query for a webpage. I can't post out the webcode, but I can post the SQL query:

SELECT * FROM ExpandedCustomerView WHERE regloginid = @0 AND (Status='A' OR Status='H')"

I've been experimenting with this:

FROM [CNTD_Accounts].[dbo].[ExpandedCustomerView] 

As a way to get this returned appropriately. I've tried formatting of 101, 110 and others to see if we can get the right results. So far, nothing is working for me. I think this has to be fairly simple.

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Cast from number to datetime directly..

select cast(40953.6017873071 as datetime)
2012-02-16 14:26:34.423


cast([StartDate] as datetime)

If the data is a number in a varchar field, cast it twice

cast(cast([StartDate] as float) as datetime)
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I'll give this a try and update ASAP. Thanks! – Sean Falconer Nov 20 '12 at 0:14
Well this was extremely helpful thank you. The cast is definitely changing the displayed date and time. However, I have a new problem that i've broken the web-page attached to it. The Web Grids have a problem with the column name not being defined with the "cast" syntax from SQL. I'm guessing I'll have to figure out a way to define the startdate column differently. However this definitely worked as requested. Thank you so much!!!! – Sean Falconer Nov 20 '12 at 4:41

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