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Almost working call/cc question! So I have been working with call/cc trying to get some simple exit and reenter recursive code to work, and I feel quite close, check out the following:

(define return #f) 

(define (hrmm x)
 (if (call/cc
   (lambda (cont)
      (set! return (lambda () (cont #f)))
          #t)) (if (= (modulo x 10) 0) (cons x return) (hrmm (+ x 1))) 
            (hrmm (+ x 1))))

So the idea of this code is to calculate the next multiple of 10 if you count upwards from x. So, an input of hrmm 1 would give an x of 10. But I would like to be able to have the code continue, that is, go into the recursive case, after finding a match, so I have my continuation packaged up as a pair with the output. And it almost works.

So, if I do the following, here is what happens (line 1 and 3 are input, lines 2 and 5 are output):

(hrmm 10)
'(10 . #<procedure:return>)
'(20 . #<procedure:return>)

Yeah, this seems to work! I can keep calling return. However, I don't want to call my global variable, I want to use the same thing (or so I think) which is packaged in my pair)

The following (which doesn't work):

(cdr (hrmm 10))

((cdr (hrmm 10)))

The last call on my cdr of my output pair just gets stuck, nothing ever happens. I am quite perplexed, why is (return) working by the above not? Any help? This has me quite confused...

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It is going into the false condition infinitely – Ankur Nov 16 '12 at 14:00
why, the continuation is called with #t – jsjwooowooo Nov 16 '12 at 20:28

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