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After update Android SDK revision 21 for building application with Android 4.2. But now, I can't set Android Project Build target anymore.

Steps in procedure:

  1. Updated Android SDK platform and platform tools to revision 21 via Android SDK manager.

  2. Updated ADT plugin for eclipse to revision 21.

  3. Restart Eclipse.

This is Android entry in Eclipse Preferences. Android Preferences

This is my project's properties: Project Properties

Thanks in advanced.

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At least, I have to install the latest Eclipse IDE to make it works.

My old eclipse version:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers


Build id: 20120216-1857

and the latest:

Eclipse Platform

Version: 4.2.1.v20120814-120134-9JF7BHVGFyMveli1uX6aTH0q-eAap6PAgOP5mO

Build id: M20120914-1800

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