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Is there a concept of global variables ? Like I want to check if I have a network or not initially and according show some functionality. I understand, I can keep passing the variable from form to form. Is that the only way


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The typical Objective C OOP coding solution here is to use the MVC pattern. Instantiate these variables in a Model object, perhaps a singleton and/or pass that Model object down to the objects that need to get/set this state information.

But Objective C is also a superset of plain ANSI C. So you can just use standard C global variables, accessible from anywhere in Objective C, if you don't need/want encapsulation for reusability/maintainability.

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Thanks. I am assuming putting a variable in main will do the trick something like char *myvariable = "Initialized"; Let me try it. –  user1509593 Nov 16 '12 at 18:29

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