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I'm trying to implement REST API with django-respite paired with Backbone.js. Suppose i have :

class Books(models.Model):
      name = models.CharField(max_length = 100)
      author = models.CharField(max_length = 100)

and :

from respite import Views

class BooksView(Views):

    def index(self, request)
    return self._render(
        request = request,
        template = 'index/index'
        context = dict(
            books = Books.objects.all()
        status = 200,

book1 = Books.objects.create(name = 'foo', author = 'bar')
book2 = Books.objects.create(name = '123', author = 'abc')

When i fetch it if i using Tastypie, it results with 1 collection and 2 models, the first model holds book1 and the second holds book2 with the collection holding that 2 model.

When i fetch it using using respite, it results with 1 collection 1 model, which the model acts like a collection(an array of model), and the collection holding that 1 model.

Is there anyway to fix this?

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I have no experience with respite, but I'd assume that the issue is that the JSON dict you're returning is a dictionary with one key, and all the models in that book.

You probably just want to return an array from the view, so Backbone will see it's a collection of models.

So change:

context = dict(books = Books.objects.all()),


context = Books.objects.all(),

Which should return an array (if respite is smart enough).

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