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I am wondering what level of support the latest MonoTouch has for using SQLite. The closest information I can find is this article here which referes to limited support in v1.2 however it concedes that you may run into run time errors while using this.

This is what I found on the Xamarin website:

This really scares me. Is there any documentation out there indicating what current level of support Xamarin has for SQLite?

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I can't speak about the changes in System.Data support past that article, but I think it's quite common for folks to use csharp-sqlite, or better yet sqlite-net instead. Csharp-sqlite is an independent port of SQLite. And sqlite-net is "better yet" in the sense that its a minimal library where you can drop a single file in your project and use it to support sqlite on the various mono platforms. Yet it has nice features still such as "strongly typed queries" due to reflection-based ORM. So if you don't need a full Sqlite driver its a good option.

Greg Shackles did a nice seminar on x-platform dev with Monotouch/droid back in April where he covers these and other libraries:

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This link is outdated, it's about MonoTouch 1.2 and the latest MonoTouch's version is 6.0.

I'm using Sqlite with Vici CoolStorage in two apps on App Store: easy and no problems at all. I've never see any runtime errors using Sqlite.

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