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Let's say I want an icon in Launchpad that when clicked on executes:

java -jar /Users/me/Program.jar argument1 argument2

I'm running OS X Mountain Lion. This is a little Java program I wrote for my own personal use, nothing I'm trying to distribute. Basically, I'm asking: How do I make the equivalent of a Windows shortcut?

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I believe you need to create a "app" bundle in order to get this to work. There's a verity of documents on the web, but this might be starting point...ohh and this one –  MadProgrammer Nov 16 '12 at 2:35
Thanks MadProgrammer both those links helped and I got it working. The first one was the most useful. I now have my .jar converted to a .app but I want to "Keep in Dock" but it is a program that I run once a day, and it runs for less than 10 seconds. Is there anyway to set "Keep in Dock" on an .app that does run long enough for me to right click->Options->Keep in Dock? –  Robert Louis Murphy Nov 16 '12 at 3:06

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How about writing a shell script to execute the command and create a desktop shortcut like this, or this?

p.s. I'm not a mac user btw. lol

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