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This code was given to me by a friend and works perfectly, however in my system it Array to string conversion in C:\wamp\www\web2\database.php on line 90 and on line 91

     function edit($table, $id)
             $query = "SELECT DISTINCT  `COLUMN_NAME` 
            WHERE  `TABLE_NAME` =  '$table'";

      echo "<form method='post' action=''>";

            $header = $this->dbLocalhost->query($query);

            foreach($header as $data) {
                echo "<p>";
    90.         echo "".$data.": ";
    91.         echo "<input type='text' name=".$data." />";    
                echo "</p>";

            echo "<input type='submit' name='Insert' />";

            echo "</form>";

sorry to ask, as I have the irritating feeling its very simple. Thanks

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Your $data variable is an array, before line #90 do a print_r($data) and use the proper key like $data[key], my guess is that you need to use $data['COLUMN_NAME'] – Everton Yoshitani Nov 16 '12 at 2:34
Thanks I changed $data to $data['COLUMN_NAME'] without using print_r($data) to give the desired outcome. – normower Nov 16 '12 at 2:40
Your friend hates you ;) – alex Nov 16 '12 at 2:40
Also add a "where" on table_schema column, otherwise you could end up with tables from different databases. – Robbie Nov 16 '12 at 2:48

Thanks I changed $data to $data['COLUMN_NAME'] without using print_r($data) to give the desired outcome.

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Try this

$cols = mysql_query($q);
while ($col = mysql_fetch_object($cols)) {
    echo "<p>";
    echo ucfirst($col->COLUMN_NAME);
    echo "<input type='text' name=".$col->COLUMN_NAME." />";    
    echo "</p>";

Output will be something like

<p>Id<input type="text" name="id"></p>
<p>Name<input type="text" name="name"></p><!--and more-->
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